453rd "Star Corps" Battalion
General information


  • Assault
Unit information
Base of Operations

Fort Garnik


Death before Dishonor

Unit Colors


Military Commander

General Erexius Devron

Current members
The 453rd "Star Corps" Battalion also known as Star Corps is a division of troopers that is currently 40,000 men strong mostly greens only a few are of full recognition.


Although new to the Republic after much delegation and talk among the Republic War Council they granted General Erexius Devron's plea that they be considered a Military division with new recruits being sent to their ranks from basic training. After 6 hours of the talk they granted Devrons request officially creating the 453rd "Star Corps" Division, the official military contingent to Verus Scientia.


Posistion Member
Commander General Erexius Devron
Executive Officer TBA

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