DLX-20A Battle Blaster
Battle Blaster
Product information

Balmorran Arms


9500 Credit

Technical information

3.9 feet

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Power Cells
  • Ion
  • Plasma
  • High Velocity
Max Range
  • 1000 paces(Max)
Used by
The DLX-20A Battle Blaster is the preferred blaster rifle of Erexius Devron due to its long range capabilities and its stopping powers up at lose range when it was first used by Erexius he released that it could have been modified when he modified the Battle Blaster he chose the new name as it had even more range and stopping power and they cost him around 9500 credits per rifle to purchase and an addition 500 credits for the parts to modifiy the weapon.


With the normal rifle only putting dents in enemy armor the modified weapon can punch holes in not only the armor but also in smaller vehicles, with its extra powercell its best used with the Plasma Cell that he uses at times due to it melting enemy armor.

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