Dev'err Devron
Dvr vendetta
Biographical information



Dromund Kaas




160 LBS

Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Combat/Battle Adrenal injector
  • Advanced Communication Uplink
  • Scanner/Holographic iris projector
Armor set

Prototype Marksman Elite Jacket



Military Information

Cipher Agent

Security Clearance

Tudor Clearance

Dev'err Devron is an Imperial Intelligence Operative with some of the most advanced training techniques that the Empire has to offer. He is known to be able to contend with the Jedi in combat. He has been considered a War Criminal and a person to be wary of.


His personality is extremely complex he appears to be immature or have a personality of a teenager but he protrays what he wants you to be aware of. When he shows his true colors he is someone to be feared. As well as someone be extremely wary of. His deamnor is dark, twisted and something you cannot fully commprehand. He was called a Butcher in Imperial Intelligence.


Born on Dromund Kaas in Kaas City he was forced into Intelligence due to his mother was a Imperial Diginitary that was considered a traitor due to his father an SIS agent used his mother to break his brother's mother out of an Imperial Prison. When he was in Intelligence he was tortured and brainwashed with a code word Xenona. 

SIS HuntEdit

While on Dromund Kaas there was sightings and reports of SIS Agents on Dromund Kaas, Intelligence had him hunt down the SIS for there invasion and he did it quietly.

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