Manka-class Armored Transport
SWTOR-Republic Walker
Product information


Technical information

75 feet


25 feet


18,000,000 LBS

Armor set

4 inch Duranium Plate Armor

  • (2) Twin Forward lasers
  • (2) Twin Blaster Cannons(sides)
Crew Requirements

2 or 3



Military Information
  • Armored Walker
  • Military Transport
  • APC
Manka -class armored transporter were four-footed Ruff , during the Cold War and the new galactic war mainly from the army of the Galactic Republic were used.


During the Battle of Balmorra took the resistance movement of the planets also these four-legged Ruff. During a crisis on Ord Mantell , the Republic Armed Forces used numerous runners of this type against the Ord-Mantell-separatist one. Also, the Sith Empire was able to acquire numerous runners. Due to the republican troops, however, it was possible to destroy some of the runners before they were used. 3641 BBY succeeded the Sith Empire, a ruff factory on Corellia to assume that previously of the republic loyal Corellian Engineering Society was entertained. Through the intervention of the Jedi , the factory could be recaptured.


By means of a ramp at the rear of the rotor, the transported troops could get in and out. In the space that was accessible through this door is 16 seats for the soldiers and behind storage space for cargo carried were. At the opposite end of the chamber was the access to the cockpit. Furthermore, were mounted on both sides of the cockpit and on both sides of the transporter as well as at the rear to the exit guns.

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