All the ranks of the Verus Scientia non-Jedi members have ranks that are military based.

Insignia Rank Name Description
NorankNorankNorank Recruit These are the members still undergoing their training. Generally, a person will remain a Recruit until they demostrate that they show knowledge about Verus Scientia. It's history, how the ranks work, etc. Also, they must demonstrate their character through roleplaying. When a Recruit is ready to undergo their final test to become a Sergeant, they will announce their desire to do so and a Captain or General will administer the test.

Corporal Corporals is a rank a rank that is in-between Recruit and Sergeant. They are still a trial member but they can be put into squads.

Sergeant Sergeants are basically full fledged members of the Non-Jedi. They have passed their final test as a Recruit. They generally work towards the betterment of Verus Scientia as they are able. They can help Recruits to become Sergeants, and are encouraged to do so. Also, they can assist with recruiting by suggesting a potential to a Captain or General.

Captain Captains are the junior officers for the Non-Sith. Their primary functions are to recruit, and help Recruits on their journey to becoming Sergeants. They will have the ability to take on one subordinate if they choose to do so. To become a subordinate, your Commanding Officer as a Sergeant must tell another General that you are ready to become a Captain, or a General must decide that you are ready.
General Rank
General Generals are the senior officers for the Non-Jedi. They will help the Recruits to become Sergeants, along with help in planning events and recruiting. They also have the ability to take on two subordinates. To become a General, you must first serve as a Captain and earn the approval of the Council.
Trooper Council rank Commander Commander are the elected officers of Verus Scientia. There are two Jedi Council Members and two Non-Jedi Council Members. The Council makes the important decisions of Verus Scientia. A council meeting will usually be held weekly. These meetings are part in character and part out of character, as they will mostly be planning events for the members of Verus Scientia.