Verus Scientia
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Master Sefirria

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Verus Scientia is our order.


Although the Order is fairly new they still have much to learn and to accomplish. They have already secured one of the holocrons while on Tython and then Nar Shaddaa.


Early HistoryEdit

Verus Scientia was originally founded by the Council of First Knowledge. They were originally an order of librarians assigned to keep an inventory of the knowledge, and to maintain the libraries and vaults. However, their role changed dramatically during the Great Hyperspace War. With realization that the Dark Jedi that were exiled during the Hundred Year Darkness had survived to pass on their teachings and establish an empire, the Council of First Knowledge realized that they needed warriors and agents to seek out and contain or destroy the Dark Side teachings. The members of Verus Scientia constructed several new libraries and vaults to hold the dangerous teachings, and eventually destroy them. As more libraries and vaults are discovered, this section will be updated further with information.


A survey team was sent to Tython's moon Ashla on a mission to survey for valuable minerals. During their survey they accidently came across one of the ancient Verus Scientia's vaults. They immediately contacted the Jedi Council, and they sent an archaeological team to excavate. It took several months, and several traps had to be disarmed or worked around. However, the time and the effort proved to be worth the work. Inside, was found a lot of knowledge about some of the ancient history of the Jedi. There were records about the establishment of the Verus Scientia, and its original mission and goals of finding out the dark teachings and keeping them hidden until they could be destroyed. However, they were also disappointed to discover that this was only one vault. The history of Verus Scientia was incomplete, and it seemed that the part they found was only the beginning. After much thought and consideration about the original mission of Verus Scientia, the Jedi Council decided to convince the Council of First Knowledge to re-establish the order. The new mission of Verus Scientia would be to find and explore the vaults for more knowledge, and to safe guard those vaults and libraries. They were given the warning about the dangers of the vaults, and the destructive and dangerous knowledge that could be contained within. Jedi Master Sefirria was assigned to lead Verus Scientia.